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Auto Accidents Blog Post

What Vehicle Damage Says About an Accident

Anyone who watches true crime shows knows that a crime scene tells a story. The same concept works with car accidents. Some experts can examine vehicle damage and determine whether speed caused an accident.

Hallmarks of speeding

Depending on the damage, an expert can make a couple of determinations regarding speed: the at-fault driver was speeding or was at least unable to stop in time. The latter suggests speed but also other negligence actions like following too closely.

Uncharacteristic damage may also show a speeding factor. For example, heavy traffic typically causes low-impact crashes. These crashes can still leave you in pain from whiplash but cause cosmetic damage to cars. However, speed is most likely a contributing factor if you suffer excessive pain and the car sustains frame damage.

But excessive damage doesn’t always indicate excessive speed. An interstate highway may have a posted limit of 75 miles per hour, and any crash at that speed will result in a totaled car. However, if that same totaled car results from an accident in a 25-mile-per-hour zone, then it’s most likely someone exceeded the limit.

Evidence of speeding

The following items can be evidence of speeding:

    • Police reports: If a driver was cited for speeding, that will show up in a police report. Get a copy of it to have the evidence.
    • Pictures: You want pictures of your vehicle’s damage, but don’t forget to take pictures of any car parts that fell off. A crunched bumper may indicate a normal impact, but a bumper that detached definitely suggests speed as a factor.
    • Expert witnesses: If the liable driver denies speeding, expert witnesses can fill in the gaps. Like forensic scientists, they examine your car’s damage and offer a plausible scenario that may include speed or other negligence behavior. Many personal injury attorneys maintain relationships with these experts so they can consult them for more difficult cases.

The experienced lawyers at Goldman, Babboni, Fernandez, Murphy & Walsh in Bradenton, FL know speeding can lead to devastating results. Call us today if you were injured in a speed-related accident.

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