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Auto Accidents Blog Post

Pedestrians, Motorists Should Remain Aware to Prevent Accidents

Pedestrian accidents are an unfortunately common occurrence. In fact, in any given year, automobiles claim the lives of nearly 4,400 pedestrians and injure another 69,000 on U.S. roads and highways. To put this into perspective, it amounts to a pedestrian killed every two hours and one injured every eight minutes. Even when passengers are occupying sidewalks or legally utilizing crosswalks, they are still at significant risk of injury. 

Pedestrians are at risk for a variety of reasons. Even a minor accident has the possibility of a person sustaining life-threatening injuries due to the fact that people on foot do not have the protection afforded by a vehicle. 

The biggest issue in these accidents is the lack of visibility for drivers looking for pedestrians. Pedestrians can be very difficult to see, especially if a motorist is not paying close attention. They are far smaller than other vehicles and generally move silently. A person may not see someone making his or her way across a street or might fail to spot someone on the shoulder of a road. In order to keep pedestrians safe, motorists must be vigilant about watching for pedestrians, as any collision can be catastrophic. 

For their part, pedestrians can take measures to travel more safely. By watching carefully for vehicles and only crossing at legal crosswalks, they can reduce the risk of a collision. Additionally, when walking at night or in times of low visibility, it is a good idea for pedestrians to wear bright or reflective clothing so that they can be more easily spotted. 

If both motorists and pedestrians take steps to be more careful, they can reduce the rates of fatal accidents. If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident, consult the experienced Florida personal injury attorneys at Goldman, Babboni, Fernandez, Murphy & Walsh right away. 

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