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Motorcycle Accidents Blog Post

Good Motorcycle Gloves Can Prevent Serious Injury

As every experienced motorcycle rider knows, the question isn’t whether you will be involved in an accident, but rather when. Because bikers aren’t protected by a metal cage the same way car passengers are, they often end up flying off of their bikes and sliding on the road. Nearly every body part is in danger of suffering road rash in these situations, but the hands and wrists often bear the brunt of the damage.

Human reflexes are the primary reason that the hands and wrist are at risk during a fall. When we are falling, it is our natural instinct to put our hands out to break the fall. When we are moving at high speeds over rough pavement, however, unprotected hands can have their flesh scraped off by the pavement. Additionally, the force of an impact may travel up through your hands, shattering bones in your hands, wrists and arms. As a biker, protecting your hands and wrists with the proper equipment could be the difference that allows you to recover from an accident and ride another day.

Some options for protecting yourself include:

  • Leather gloves. Gloves made from leather or other strong materials can help prevent road rash from tearing up your hands. Always make sure the gloves fit well and strap onto your hand tightly so they stay on during a crash.
  • Wind or weatherproof gloves. Keeping your hands warm and dry helps you retain control of your bike, giving you the ability to better protect your entire body in wet or cold conditions.
  • Armored gloves. Some new gloves come with articulated armor resembling an exoskeleton. This armor may keep your fingers from bending backward when you land on them.
  • Palm sliders. Gloves equipped with palm sliders allow your hands to more easily skid across the pavement. While your hands will not break your fall, impact to your wrists and arms will be greatly reduced, decreasing the chances of broken bones.

In addition, you should wear adequate protective gear on the rest of your body, including a helmet, to reduce your risk of serious injury.

If you have been hurt while riding a motorcycle, you may have a claim against another driver. To learn more, speak with the knowledgeable Bradenton motorcycle injury attorneys at the firm of Goldman, Babboni, Fernandez, Murphy & Walsh.

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