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Auto Accidents Blog Post

It is Now Illegal in Florida to Drive Too Slow in the Fast Lane

Did you know that in Florida you can get a traffic ticket for driving too slowly? In July, Florida passed a comprehensive highway bill that included a provision to allow police to ticket certain slow drivers. Specifically, it became a traffic offense to drive more than 10 miles under the posted speed limit in a multiple lane roadway when you are travelling in the left (fast) lane and a car is travelling behind you.

The law was dubbed the “road rage” law, as slow driving is often a source of frustration to other motorists. A motorist caught for going too slow (they should not be too hard to catch) faces a $60 ticket that will affect their driver's license and insurance in the same way as a speeding ticket.

Driver indecision can also lead to accidents

It is understood how overaggressive driving can cause traffic accidents including speeding, failing to yield the right of way, cutting off another vehicle and following too closely behind another vehicle. In determining liability following an accident, the overaggressive vehicle is usually found to be at fault. This is especially true in an accident where one vehicle has hit the other from behind. The vehicle behind will almost always be found liable for following too closely and not leaving enough space to slow down as traffic slows or stops. A possible effect of the new law is that it may now be considered negligence to drive too slow, creating a basis for a finding of liability on the lead car in certain accident scenarios. Skilled attorneys are often able to prove that a driver's indecision was the cause of a motor vehicle accident, such as:

  • Driving in two lanes while trying to decide which lane to be in
  • Stopping short
  • Bringing a vehicle to a stop in a moving lane of a highway
  • Making a last minute turn from the center lane

When you are injured because another motorist was careless in speeding, driving too slow for the rate of traffic or another infraction, speak with an experienced Florida car accident attorney about your rights and how you can obtain justice.

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