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Auto Accidents Blog Post

Understanding Whiplash Injuries

Whiplash injuries are a common consequence of car accidents and other traumatic events. While they are often considered less severe than some other injuries, they can still cause significant pain and discomfort.

Whiplash, or whiplash-associated disorder (WAD), is a neck injury that occurs when the head is suddenly jolted forward and then backward. This rapid motion can strain or damage the soft tissues in the neck, including muscles, ligaments, and tendons. It's important to understand that whiplash is not limited to car accidents and can also result from various traumatic incidents, such as sports injuries, falls and physical assaults.

Symptoms of whiplash

Whiplash symptoms may not manifest immediately after an accident. They can take hours or even days to appear. Common symptoms include:

  • Neck pain and stiffness:This is the hallmark symptom of whiplash. The neck may feel sore and difficult to move.
  • Headaches:Persistent or recurring headaches are a common complaint among whiplash patients.
  • Shoulder pain:The pain may radiate from the neck to the shoulders.
  • Back pain:Some individuals experience lower back pain as a result of the injury.
  • Arm and hand numbness or tingling:Nerve damage can cause numbness, tingling, or weakness in the arms and hands.
  • Dizziness:Whiplash injuries can lead to vertigo and problems with balance.
  • Memory and concentration issues: Some people with whiplash report difficulty with memory and concentration.

Recovery from a whiplash injury can vary depending on the severity of the injury and individual factors. Whiplash injuries can have a significant impact on your daily life. If you've experienced a traumatic event and suspect you may have whiplash, it's crucial to seek prompt medical attention and follow a treatment plan.

If you’ve suffered whiplash injuries after an accident, reach out to a trusted Sarasota, FL accident lawyer at Goldman, Babboni, Fernandez, Murphy & Walsh today.

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