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Pedestrians Can Be Held Liable for Accidents

In most pedestrian-related car accidents, the driver of the vehicle will be considered liable for the incident. However, there are some exceptions, and pedestrians can at least share liability, if not bear it entirely.

Florida is one of the most dangerous states in the nation for pedestrians, so it is important for pedestrians and drivers alike to understand the responsibility all parties have in sharing the roadway. Here are just a few examples of situations in which pedestrians could be liable for an accident.

  • Not crossing with crosswalks: Pedestrians should make use of designated crossing locations. People jaywalking or failure to use appropriate crosswalks run the risk of being hit by cars that are not expecting them to be in that location. Drivers still are expected to slow down and avoid pedestrians if they have reasonable time to do so, but pedestrians can eliminate liability when crossing with the right of way at a crosswalk.
  • Crossing against a light: At controlled intersections, pedestrians should wait for their signal light to tell them it is safe to cross the road. Crossing the street while the signal says “don’t walk” can result in unsafe crossing and pedestrian liability.
  • Attempting to beat the light: Pedestrians might try to run across the road as the light is turning red. This could fail to give them enough time to cross safely, making them potentially liable for an accident.
  • Walking in prohibited areas: There are certain places pedestrians are not allowed to walk at all. This could include walking on freeways or highways, walking or jogging outside street barriers, etc.

For more information about pedestrian liability in accident scenarios, contact an experienced Bradenton, FL accident lawyer at Goldman, Babboni, Fernandez, Murphy & Walsh.

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