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Hey, Slow Pokes — Speed Up or Get Ticketed

A new bill addressing slow highway driving in Florida took effect July 1. The bill allows drivers in the left lane on multiple-lane highways to be ticketed for driving more than 10 miles below the speed limit. Violations result in a $60 ticket and three points on your driver license.

The danger of slow driving

In 2011, 227,998 crashes in Florida resulted in 2,400 deaths and 181,654 injuries. While speeding and aggressive driving are more commonly cited as major causes of vehicle crashes throughout the country, slow driving can be just as dangerous. When a vehicle travels slower than the rest of traffic, drivers following may be prompted to avoid delays by passing. This can lead to road rage and aggressive driving. Following are some examples and consequences of driving too slow.

It’s a sign of distracted driving

People who talk on the phone, text, eat or do anything that physically or mentally distracts them usually drive at slower speeds. A driver searching for a child’s toy or a teenager completing a quick text is not thinking about the road as much and may forget to maintain the proper speed.

It’s dangerous after making a turn

Drivers may continue to glide at a slow rate after making a turn, which can cause the next driver to quickly catch up after making the turn, too. This can cause a line of slower cars, and drivers may be rear-ended if they cannot complete a turn because of a slow car ahead.

It’s common for tourists and rubberneckers

Although amazing views and scenes may play out from the seat of a car on the highway, through small towns or in the middle of a bustling city, drivers who are more concerned about scenery often don’t pay attention to their speed. Rubberneckers who slow down to get a glimpse of a car crash may end up causing their own.

It’s not what teenagers and newly licensed drivers usually hear

Teenagers and new drivers are told repeatedly not to speed. However, driving too slow also results in accidents. Teenagers are highly likely to be distracted while driving, and new drivers may be shy about getting up to high speed limits on highways, causing congestion and backups.

If you were injured in an accident because someone was driving too slowly, an experienced Florida auto accident attorney can advise you about your legal options for obtaining rightful compensation.

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